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Our Services

I can offer a wide and varied range of services, including those listed below. These are not exhaustive, so if you can’t see what you’re looking for or if I can’t help resolve your problem, I probably know someone who can. I’d love to talk through your problems and requirements so give me a ring.

The contract procurement processes run by many local authorities has become increasingly sophisticated and requires much more than simply filling in the form and the cheapest price wins.  Many authorities are now using e-tendering systems and require a great deal of information about your operation, what you do, how you do it and your VOSA performance.  I am very experienced in working these systems and helping to complete the paperwork which the authorities require.

I provide assistance, advice and mentor for those wanting to bid for tenders in the completion of the tendering process of bus services, home to school contracts and other tendering activities. I can guide you through the Pre Qualification Process and then provide help and expertise in writing the qualitity submission.  Good operators with high standards often under sell themselves in this process, which can often account for a good proportion of the evaluation of the tender.  If you are providing a good service, which costs you money, then you need all the help you can get in obtaining work at the right price.  We can also simply assist those struggling with the process and paperwork.

There is no guarentees in winning tenders, but we can ensure that you can put you operation in the best light possible and give yourself a better chance of a positive

Do you spend your life sending in returns that you don’t really understand or do you feel that you are not getting what you think you are due to?  Returns for Concessionary Fare reimbursement and BSOG are complex issues and I can help ensure you are submitting these correctly or help resolve issues from over or under claiming.

BSOG also requires auditing and I can provide an auditing service as part of this process.

With many years of operational and change management, I have a huge amount of experience in how a bus and coach operation runs, the command and control systems required and the costing mechanisms that are so important in a compliant, efficient and profitable operation.

I can offer advice, mentoring and implementation of these vital systems, including the auditing required to ensure they are working properly and efficiently and delivering optimum performance for your company.

Much of the compliance with VOSA relies on their self service and on-lines systems and I can help you access these systems and use them to help you be compliant.

Efficient and economical routing, timetable compilation and driver scheduling are essential for all small to medium size local bus operators. With help in the procurement process, revising and reviewing service to ensure maximum utilisation across a range of services and types of operation, we can also production of driver rotas, car working charts and driver running boards and arrange for the production of timetable leaflets, web-site and on line packages.

I can also offer help to local authorities, with expertise in reviewing, re-planning and tendering of local bus networks, particularly to meet budget reductions.

For companies and local authorities wanting to apply for grants or funding submissions, we can help develop, write and produce business cases to support these applications.

Over many years, I have organized and operated transport for a wide variety of events, starting with the Weardale Marathon in 1984, the opening of Nissan and many more since with the latest being the York Marathon in 2014.

I can organize and source transport, provide operation support, risk assessments for SAG’s and a whole range of other tasks to ensure that you event is a success.